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Gear no Bouken Character by McKimson
Gear no Bouken Character

= Inspiration =

I always search and analyze new OC from many artist around the world to find new type and stylized character. Most of OC these days flood with so generic and forgettable design. As for one of furry lover , I choose Mammals. And the style , I choose Sonic universe type. For ten thousands of search , my eyes is caught on one artist :iconzazakun011: who has different ingredient in furry OC. She has a very unique design which when you see the lineart , you’ll recognize it’s hers. But many of her OC-verse has high contrast in character design which I later find significant. Almost all of her character are primarily distinguish by “eyes” and secondarily distinguished by “mouth”. You can guess which character it is only see these two parts. I find it innovative as an essence to create a character. By adding more colorful tone and more stylish attires give all the best to each of the character. 4 ingredients and they can create a character with its own uniqueness. I normally create from abstractness and backstory , only resulting in failure to create one. A little research would help , then I choose 5 most favorite from her gallery and re-imagine them  thoroughly.


= Gear =

A guy with greedy attitude. From the reference he has some mood-swing issue which may turn situation upside down. A joker to all fighters. I add a Sparta knife as his weapon because he looks agile and capable to fight at close range. His red-flame-ruby glowing eyes look villainous and always confident at time , also fighting-lover . But he doesn’t seem to be the type to steal candy from kids nor murderously dangerous just ass-kicking!! I create him in a sense of main protagonist of the series. Why choose anti-hero? Because anti-hero is HOT.


= Daisuke =

The least adventurous type in group. Eye-wide open to the wide-world , innocent , optimistic , imaginative , funny sometime. Not the type that could fight directly , he prefer his Infinity Palette as main weapon. Utilizing his imagination and color to create projectile , weapon , barrier of some sort. He knows how to fight back but avoid if possible. He’s a trusty fellow. Everybody would love and adore him but the world around him doesn’t allow him for that. The details change from Zaza’s original which he looks more childish.


= Curtis =

The most brave and most just in the group. He wears a power suit which give him enormous strength but his real physique is less than average. Dead serious eyes with dead serious thought , Curtis never let evil go scott-free. He always stick to code and duty. His mission is to protect the citizen from any harm. Though he look emotionless , he has a very big heart. The design change quite drastic compare to original. I change suit to looks more buff and operative.


= K =

The greediest , most cunning , trickiest of the group. He’s not the type to fight head-on. But has the most powerful weapon , Stink bomb! He can summon bomb with his will. Though the bomb is not so destructive compare to general grenade , it’s stinky as hell. Sometimes he used it as smoke bomb. But if he pissed , he could create gigantic bomb which could stink  the whole village for days. In the fight , he will wait for his opportunity to disrupt any oppose. He’s small and agile enough to duck and find hidden place waiting for any prey. The same design with original.


= Make =

One of Seagull bandits family , and the most speedy in both air and land. Wielding dual elongated knife, Make is an informidable foe. Though as a bird , he’s physically weak compare to other mammals in team , his agility surpass limit of those. He has a look of a respectful , even as thief. Less talk but not mute , he only open his mouth when needs. He’s also the least co-operative in group as he trust no one here. Just stick to benefit. But if the anyone caught in grave danger , he would go for rescue.


And that’s how they look to me. Considering their eyes and mouth make me imagine all this. I’m not sure if these facts are true but that’s what I see , or at least re-imagine.


All characters belong to :iconzazakun011:

Art by :iconmckimson:

Gear no Bouken by McKimson
Gear no Bouken
Contest piece for :iconzazakun011:

Character use : Gear, Daisuke, Curtis, Make and K

Create in the like of Anime wallpaper

Character by zazakun011
Art by McKimson

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